Facilities Rental

Even the most routine presentation, seminar or class seems to require technology, such as a PowerPoint outline, Internet demonstration, or computerized testing. Our 30,000-square-foot training and conference center was built in 2002 to accommodate today’s meetings, training, and conferences. Hosting your event at the M-TEC gives a tech-savvy flavor to your organization, event, or product.


The M-TEC offers flexible options:

  • all amenities under one roof — move from a lecture or a heavy equipment demonstration into a classroom or computer lab;
  • free and convenient parking with security cameras;
  • technical support;
  • a selection of 12 rooms;
  • a fully-equipped auditorium that accommodates up to 120 seats; and
  • accommodation of your group with 24 hours’ notice.

High Tech Broadband Internet Access

The M-TEC also provides:

  • Wi-Fi;
  • a digital projector in every room;
  • a videoconferencing enabled auditorium that accommodates up to 120 seats;
  • training using your software;
  • access to 18-station computer labs equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite;
  • computer rooms with teacher’s station and laser printer; and
  • a high bay lab.

Excellent Value

Compare our rates! Few high-tech conference facilities in Metropolitan Detroit can match the environment and customer service offered at M-TEC.